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[by Charlene Price]


Mount Fuji is a small, informal and contemporary restaurant located in Birmingham city centre, on Spiceal Street. I like the bar stools and long counters, as it gives a diner or coffee-shop feel, although there are a few tables for larger groups. I like to sit at one of the tables along the window so I can watch the world go by while I eat my sushi.


To start I ordered some miso soup, followed by some vegetable tempura to share with my husband. The miso soup was very tasty, and the vegetable tempura is a favourite of ours, having a beautifully light, paper-thin batter with a delicious dipping sauce.

My husband ordered the Cod Fillet & Pork Tonkatsu Bento with Chef’s Sushi Plate. I shared some of the sushi, which was among the best sushi I’ve ever had – the balance of flavours just seem absolutely spot on and the sushi rice is wonderfully soft and sticky.

My husband always enjoys the bento boxes because they cater nicely to his ‘OCD’, as each different part of the bento is served in a separate compartment!

I find the bento exceptionally well balanced, as they include meat, rice, salad, vegetables and pickles.

I opted for the Pork Tonkatsu Curry, Rice and Salad. Although not as neat and tidy as the bento boxes, this was a very flavoursome dish – on this occasion, however, I found the pork quite dry and a little tough. I did like the crispy texture of the breadcrumb, and the tonkatsu sauce on the side, which offered a salty contrast to the slightly sweet and spicy curry sauce.

For dessert I usually have the Giant Japanese Profiterole, a sumptuous blend of green tea cake, cream and vanilla ice-cream, but decided to try something different this time and went for the Matcha Tiramisu. This was a lovely little dessert – the cream was exceptionally light and the green tea cake at the bottom was mild and not too sweet: simple, but effective.


I started with a small glass of sake, which washed down the sushi and other starters very well, and ended with a glass of Japanese Plum Wine – a sweet liqueur which is a great accompaniment to dessert.

My husband had the Sapporo Export, which he described as a very good, but very unusual beer. He also had some Syochikubai (hot sake), which is wonderful in cold weather.


I have dined at Mount Fuji many times and it rarely fails to impress.

Service has been a little hit and miss in the past, but on this occasion it was prompt and friendly.

If you like Japanese food, I would definitely recommend giving Mount Fuji a try.


A curry will set you back about £8, and a bento box costs between £8 and £14 depending on what type you have. Overall, I think it is reasonably priced, although drinks can be on the expensive side.

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  • Address Mount Fuji, Birmingham Bullring, Birmingham B5 4BH
  • Phone 0121 633 9853
  • Category Japanese, Sushi
  • Location Birmingham City Centre


Mount Fuji
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